SWAT Kats: Recruitment

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Are you worthy to be a SWAT Kat or Not? Take the Quiz if you dare.

  1. T-Bone and Razor are going to be destroyed by Dark Kat and Hard Drive what do you do?

    • Create a plan
    • Make an Entrance and fight
    • Give up
    • Go in guns hot
    • Attack without a plan
    • Go down swinging
  2. If you could travel through time, what time do you want to travel to in MegaKat City?

    • Colonial Times
    • The Future
    • Prehistoric Times
    • Decades
    • Wild West
    • Victorian Era
  3. Dr. Viper created an oil giant and is threatening to burn MegaKat City to the ground and rebuild it as a swamp, then the Enforcer's made matters worse by firing at it causing it to go a blaze. How will you handle the situation?

    • Banshee Missile
    • Octopus Missile
    • Match head Missile
    • Plain old Missile
    • Foam Bomb
    • Slicer Missile
  4. What is your favorite food?

    • Junk Food
    • Junk
    • From Around the world
    • Whatever it doesn't matter
    • Healthy
    • Sea Food
  5. Who are the coolest duo around in MegaKat City?

    • Johnny Kat and Ann Gora
    • Mayor Manx and Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs
    • Dark Kat and Hard Drive
    • Commander Feral and Lt. Feral
    • Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson AKA T-Bone and Razor
    • Mac and Molly Mange
  6. What weapon of choice would you use in a fight? (It can be either fictional or real)

    • Lightsaber
    • Ray Gun
    • Bowie Knife
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Wand
    • Dragon Sword
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