Are you an killer inside?

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This is an test to see if you have the mind of an killer, are you who you think you are. Let me know in the comments.

  1. Are you sociable?

    • No
    • yes
    • kind of
  2. What your favorite type of movie?

    • Horror
    • thriller
    • comedy
  3. Who would you be in an movie?

    • The killer
    • The hero
    • The mentally ill killer
  4. Who would you be in the walking dead?

    • The guy that never makes it
    • Rick
    • The governor
  5. Which killer would you be?

    • Norman bates
    • None
    • jason voorhees
  6. Which show would you be in?

    • The walking dead
    • Nothing that involves killing
    • American horror story
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