What Kind of Killer-Being Are You?

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Are you a bloodsucker or more of a person?

  1. How do you eat your steak?

    • Dude, I'm a vegetarian.
    • Cooked, I don't care how it tastes.
    • Bloody please!
    • Medium.
    • Completely red.
  2. You see a cat next to road, a hit and run but he is still alive, what do you do?

    • I swallow it whole on my journey of destruction.
    • I look at the blood gushing out of him, it sparkles. I want to lick it.
    • I put it out of its' misery while looking the other way...
    • I start crying and try to have a funeral for the cat.
    • I open my mouth and crack the bones between my teeth before I swallow it.
  3. Are you an organ donor?

    • I don't think I have any organs.
    • My organs have been dead for a long time.
    • I would rather eat some.
    • I think so, at least I have a donor card.
    • I don't think humans can use mine, but I would have given them if I could
  4. What will happen if you die?

    • Someone probably arranges a funeral, I hope.
    • First you have to find how to kill me, liquid nitrogen won't hold me for long.
    • I have been dead for at least 400 years.
    • I might turn into a Human again, but I might be hung upon a wall as a trophy too, if they ever get me.
    • I am either eaten or I will return back to the soil I came from.
  5. How do you feel on the outside?

    • Skin
    • Cold
    • Green
    • Furry
    • Smooth
  6. What should I do when I see you?

    • Run!
    • You probably don't notice me.
    • You'll Never See me coming.
    • Doesn't matter, I will get you anyway.
    • Say Hi, be kind.
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