What Movie Type Are You?

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If you were a movie what genre of movie would you be? find out here. Have Fun c:

  1. Someone is bothering you, so you...

    • Ask politely to stop.
    • Kick them.
    • Bother them back.
    • Stay silent, they'll get their karma later
  2. What do you mainly daydream about?

    • That hilarious video I watch this morning.
    • My love interest duh.
    • I don't think I should tell you..
    • Things that will never happen.
  3. A man on the sidewalk is harassing you..

    • When the police come I'll lie and say it was self defense.
    • Punching is always a option right?
    • Laugh at them I don't care
    • Run home crying to a loved one.
  4. You're dog was ran over by a car, how do you react?

    • Hopefully move on it will be hard.
    • Everything does die eventually It's ok
    • Try to keep my mind off of it
    • Try to find out who ran him over.
  5. Ok last question, What's your favorite color?

    • RAINBOW I love every color
    • "Red, it's the color of passion"
    • Depends, what color shirt stains the most?
    • Black, it's very stealthy in the dark
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