Which Horror Movie Victim Are You?

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How would you handle the pressure of surviving your worst nightmares? Is fist fighting your way to success your plan? Or would you take the easy approach and run away from your problems? Take the quiz and find out!

  1. This is it, the final showdown. You vs. death. You have nowhere to run and your options are limited... What do you do?

    • Stay calm, smoke a cigarette, and stimulate a plan of attack!
    • Jump out the window and plummet to your death. Obviously you're not going to grant them the pleasure of killing you!
    • Grab the closest thing to you and start flailing your arms like a wild monkey. In your eyes, violence is ALWAYS the answer. You're the classic fighter.
    • Start crying or go insane. Because sanity and common sense just isn't a possibility for you.
  2. What's your ideal way to be brutally murdered?

    • The classic chest stab! You like keeping it old school, nothing fancy. Something plain and simple - that still packs a punch!
    • Force fed anxiety pills until you fall into a death-like slumber. You've had enough, you basically want to die after the torture you've been put through, and you're mentally insane so... an eternal sleep sounds pretty good.
    • Forced into killing yourself. Disturbing, I know. But you realized that instead of being sliced and diced by your worst enemy, you would rather keep your dignity, grow a pair and do it yourself. You're so independent!
    • Slashed, burnt, shot, impaled, eaten and drowned in a pool of your own tears. You want it all, the hamburger with the lot! You know that if you're gonna go, it's gotta be done in style, with all the attention on you, with every bell and whistle.
  3. What would you least like to see in your room at night?

    • Flesh eating, axe wielding zombies surrounding your bed.
    • The ghost of a tortured soul, wailing and screaming at you until your ears bleed!
    • Walls covered in computer screens, showing hundreds of creepy old men in anonymous masks watching you sleep on a dodgy chat room site, windows open with people looking in at you, and a creepy shadow in your doorway. *shivers*
    • A floor covered in bear traps, with a faceless man in bed next to you, weapon ready, in the mood for chasing you down!
  4. You worst nightmare is advancing towards you, while you stand unarmed and hopeless. You look down and see the perfect weapon! It's...

    • A gun. Too easy! Pew pew.
    • A lethal injection. One swift stab to the neck and you'll kill them instantly! Considering you've got good aim and can dodge their blows for a few seconds, of course.
    • A nice rusty old pipe. A quick whack to the head and they'll be out cold. What a conveniently placed pipe.
    • Your hand. You can take this guy with nothing but a swift kick-trip, a punch, and a nice pair of legs to run right away!
  5. The way you found out you were in the middle of a horror movie was...

    • The dodgy telephone call you got at midnight clearly stating the time and whereabouts of your death.
    • Through a chain email that you didn't forward to 15 friends.
    • You weren't warned at all. You don't even know where you are or how you got there. Just like every Saturday night.
    • Oh, I don't know, how about the disgusting creature that you just opened the door to?
  6. Your ideal great escape vehicle is...

    • A motorbike! You need to be quick about getting away, and looking cool while you do it is top priority.
    • A bicycle! Easy access, easy to use, no searching for keys and no worrying about anyone hiding and waiting in the back seat for a surprise stab.
    • A hippie van! Lots of room, great for knocking out unsuspecting murderers.
    • Running! You can run for miles and miles without letting out a single pant. Ah, the magic of cinema, am I right? You should use that skill to your advantage!
  7. Last question! If you could be the villain in your own horror movie, how would you plan to kill your victims?

    • Hang them up on a tree and make stab wound art on their stomach, because killing someone is art in your eyes.
    • Set up a series of booby traps and some cameras to laugh and chow down on some popcorn as you watch your victims cry 'till they die! Haha!
    • Make them into a human kebab! Sticks and poles are your best friend, so why not murder a few people with them?
    • You wouldn't even dream of killing anyone. Not even once.
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