What Kind of Movie-goer Are You?

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Are you thoughtful or annoying? Obnoxious or full of significant comments? Take this quiz before your next trip to the theater!

  1. Who do you like to see movies with?

    • With friends, family, or whoever will go with me!
    • Someone who has already seen the film
    • By myself
  2. How many movies have you seen in the last week?

    • 5+
    • 3-4
    • No clue!
  3. What is your favorite genre?

    • Horror/Thriller/Drama -- Anything that jumps around a lot
    • Anything I can sink my teeth into!
    • Romance, Comedy, etc.
  4. Do you usually get confused easily?

    • Everybody has their moments
    • Quite often
    • Almost never
  5. Out of these, where would you prefer to go on a date?

    • A festival
    • The movies, of course!
    • A restaurant
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