Which charmed sister are you?

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Can you move things with your mind, freeze people and things, see the future or can you orb people, items, and yourself. Find out which power you have!!!

  1. Do you like to.....?

    • Pursue your passion
    • Take pictures
    • Cook a nice meal
    • Help innocents
  2. Would you rather.....?

    • Be a social worker
    • Give great advice
    • Work for yourself
    • Take care of artifacts
  3. Would you rather date.....?

    • A detective
    • An angel
    • A non-magical being
    • A demon
  4. Do you want to.....?

    • Die young and sacrifice your self for your family
    • Be burned alive
    • Become an angel
    • I'm never dying
  5. Which power would you like to have.....?

    • Move things with your mind
    • See the future
    • Freeze people
    • What powers? Your insane I don't have powers!
  6. Can you see ghosts?

    • No
    • Yes
    • As long as they are sexy I'd love to see one
    • Are you nuts I don't want to see a ghost
  7. Are you....?

    • Always in control
    • Sweet and motherly
    • Fun and athletic
    • Outgoing and kinda strange
  8. Can you cook?

    • Coffee please
    • Yes
    • No
    • Is there a microwave handy
  9. Would you rather be....?

    • A spirit
    • A superhero
    • A goddess
    • A Valkyrie
  10. Are you.....?

    • Looking for Mr. Right
    • Married with children
    • Pining for your best friend
    • In love with a demon
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