Which Battle Royale Character Are You?

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Will you survive this deadly game with your sanity?!

  1. How popular are you?

    • I'm not the life of the party, but I'm cool enough to fit in just about anywhere.
    • I don't give a shit what people think of me.
    • People dislike me and I HATE THEM!!!
    • Super popular! Everybody I know wants to hang out with me!
    • Not super popular, but I have a couple close friends.
  2. What do you do for fun?

    • I'm a runner. Track, trail, or pavement, I'll outrun anyone!
    • I'm on the school sports team! Exercise AND fun!
    • I like to KILL!
    • I play music! Can't go wrong with some jammin'!
    • I just fuck with people. It's too damn funny to mess with their heads!
  3. How athletic are you?

    • I'm a martial artist! My body is a finely crafted tool!
    • I'm basically the perfect killing machine.
    • I'm out of shape.
    • I'm not strong, per se, but I can outrun anybody!
    • I'm in pretty good shape. Not a world-class athlete or anything, but I can hold my own!
  4. What weapon did you get?!

    • A water pistol. Maybe I can threaten them into retreating?
    • A pot lid?! SO UNLUCKY!
    • A switchblade! I'm quick and deadly!
    • An Uzi with unlimited ammo. This should be fun.
    • A GPS tracker! Now I can keep track of all my opponents!
  5. You can barely see someone from afar, but they can't see you. What do you do?

    • Ask them if they've seen my friends, then run!
    • Call out to them! We need to work together if we're going to make it!
    • Sneak up on them, then BLAST 'em!
    • Get the hell out of there!
    • Watch them for a while, then crack a joke as they get killed!
  6. It's just you and your best friend left, and the time limit is approaching! What do you do?!

    • Get them to kill me by threatening them.
    • Hold them until the time limit runs out. At least we die together...
    • Kill myself so they can survive.
    • We can find a way out of here! Let's escape!
    • Friends?! I'll kill EVERYONE who gets in my way!
  7. If you manage to survive, what will you do with your life?!

    • Aw man, the party's over already? Can I sign up again?!
    • Continue going it alone. The only one you need in this world is you!
    • Get bogged down with guilt and try to fight through the memories of my dead friends...
    • Back to the real world, and my real problems. I don't see the point.
    • Gather the other previous survivors and take down the program!
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