Which liAr are you?

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five girls from popular tv show Pretty Little Liars are different than us, find out which one of them is like you?

  1. Choose an afternoon activity.

    • Go out and try to look great as always
    • Look at some study things
    • Friends or dancing
    • Go shopping or get some ice cream
    • Read some book or drawing
  2. Which subject is your favourite?

    • Nothing, god I hate school
    • Everything, I don't care
    • biology, Chemistry , Maths or Physics or literature
    • Art and english literature
    • P.E., music
  3. Choose an outfit

    • Skirt or slim trousers, shirt or some cute top
    • It depends, I care about fashion a lot, so I have to choose what fits right
    • dress, something effective and big accesories
    • Doesn't matter I look stunning in everything
    • Jeans and T-Shirt, maybe some Shirt but nothing classy
  4. Which kind of boy you like ?

    • Tall, blonde , blue eyes
    • I love every h¨guy if he's hot
    • tall, skinny black haired guy with su¨tunning blue eyes
    • I don't know
    • rebels, brown hair flying around his head and moustache
  5. Your friend need a serious help, but you've got plans already, what are you going to do ?

    • I will help her, she needs me moore theän my plans
    • It depends on that plans
    • Everyone needs help, if she is the friend who helped me in that situation I will go totally
    • My plans are my plans, sorry
    • If it is not something about my body I will go
  6. Choose supernatural thing to have

    • Invisibility
    • Flying, it is magic
    • have a Magic mirror that would tell me who is the most beautiful i nthe world
    • Medical magic to care people
    • Being like a GUM, you can take everything from everywhere
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