Would YOU Survive A Horror Movie?

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Think you'd make it through your favorite horror flick? Take the quiz and find out!

  1. When at a friend's house, they pull out a Ouija board and ask if you'll play. Do you?

    • No way am I going near that thing!
    • Hells YEAH!
    • Okay, sure, but if things get a little too weird, I might just stop.
    • No, you don't want to play, but you'll stand and watch.
  2. You're home alone one night, and you get a phone call from a man whose voice you do not recognize. He threatens to turn up on your front door step. Do you...

    • Ring the police on your mobile phone while he's still on the line?
    • Spew profanity laden insults at him, then slam down the phone?
    • Sternly tell him just how unfunny his joke is, then put the phone down - only to afterwards check that all the doors and windows are locked?
    • Ask him calmly why he's doing this, and then tell him you'll call the police if he doesn't?
  3. You're staying at a friends house overnight, when you suddenly hear a window smash downstairs. Do you...

    • Yell out "who's there?", then turn on the lights, arm yourself with a weapon, and go down to investigate?
    • Send your friend down to check it out?
    • Call the police, and hide in the wardrobe?
    • Sneak down the stairs in the dark, armed with a weapon of some description?
    • Yell out "who's there?", before going down the stairs in the dark to investigate?
    • Call the police, then arm yourself and go downstairs with the light on?
  4. You're walking to the supermarket, and out of the corner of your eye you see demonic looking symbols etched onto the wall of an abandoned building. Do you...

    • Stop to look at them for a minute, but then carry on walking?
    • Take photos of them, and show them to your friends/family?
    • Glance at them briefly, but carry on walking?
    • Check them out, and laugh to yourself?
  5. You wake up one morning, but not in your bedroom at home. You look around and see the you are in the middle of a large forest, and have no recollection of how you got there. Do you...

    • Wait for 10 minutes, gather your thoughts, and then try to find a way out?
    • After several minutes of confusion, you travel in a straight line to find an exit?
    • Call out and wander around the nearby area, to see if there's anyone there?
    • Sit there for an hour, trying to remember how you got there?
  6. On a completely normal day, you arrive home from work - only to notice a large puddle of blood on the street near your house. Do you...

    • Look for spots of blood elsewhere?
    • Ignore it and go inside? It was probably just from roadkill, or something along those lines...
    • Call the police.
    • Ask the neighbors if they saw anything, then go back inside. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation, right?
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