How Long Would You Last in the Blair Witch Woods?

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You're investigating a grisly legend. Don't forget your camera.

  1. For starters, what do you always remember to pack for camping supplies?

    • Booze.
    • Camping? Seriously, we're going camping?
    • Map, compass, camera, and enough food to last me a while.
    • Sleeping bag, grill, toothbrush. All the essentials for comfort.
  2. What would you carry with you for protection?

    • A gun
    • My intuition
    • A knife
    • An old tome about the area's history
  3. What's the scariest thing you can imagine facing in the woods?

    • No way out
    • A bloodthirsty witch
    • The painful death of your friends
    • A crazed killer
  4. You're in a group of four friends, what position do you take?

    • Leader
    • Navigator
    • Observer
    • Comic relief
  5. After hearing voices and seeing moving shapes, you're cold, scared, tired, and you've lost any semblance of a way out. What do you do?

    • Crack open a beer. Just need to relax a little.
    • Never give up and keep searching for an escape.
    • Stay close to my friends while remaining vigilant.
    • Record my current state and feelings on camera.
  6. One of your comrades has gone missing, what do you do?

    • Count them as a lost cause but keep my ears and eyes out for any sign of them.
    • Dash off in the direction they head in.
    • Nothing because, in all honesty, I'm probably the one that went missing.
    • Look for them no matter how freaked out I am.
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