What Side of Marvel Civil War Would You Be On?

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Are you on Captain America's or Iron Man's?

  1. What is/will be the best part of Civil War?

    • Seeing all the politics play out.
    • The Thunderbolts!!!
    • The awesome action sequences!
    • Captain America dies.
  2. Are you Republican or Democratic?

    • I view my self as more Democratic.
    • I can't really tell if I'm more Republican or Democratic.
    • I think I'm more Republican.
  3. Favorite Marvel superhero.

    • Doctor Strange
    • Invisible Woman
    • War Machine
    • Antman
    • Spiderman
    • Falcon
  4. Do you like the Civil War comic arc?

    • I only read it because I read anything Marvel.
    • It's a good comic arc, but not my favorite.
    • No, I don't, I love it!!!
  5. Which side do you think is the right side?

    • Pro- Registration, I think we need more government control.
    • Anti- Registration, don't get rid of our rights!!
    • Is this question even relevant?
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