Which M. Night Shyamalan Movie Should You Star In?

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Which M. Night Shymalan movie plays upon your biggest fears?

  1. What sort of person are you when it comes to watching a horror movie?

    • I have been known to hide behind a cushion...
    • I prefer clever psychological horror, but I can handle the gore
    • Eyes wide open all the way through. Bring it on.
    • Let's just say I watch the whole thing through my fingers...
  2. Which phenomenon freaks you out the most?

    • Genetic engineering
    • Alien life forms
    • The paranormal
    • Cryptids and unexplained creatures
  3. What sort of hero would you be?

    • A reluctant hero
    • A sceptical hero
    • A courageous hero
    • A badass hero
  4. Describe your natural habitat

    • A national park
    • The big city
    • The suburbs
    • The isolated wilderness
  5. What is your weapon of choice?

    • Brute strength
    • Brainpower
    • Anything I can get my hands on!
    • Stealth
  6. Pick a color

    • Orange
    • Red
    • Green
    • Black
  7. What is your worst nightmare?

    • Learning something diabolical about someone you trusted
    • Realizing everything you hold dear is a farce
    • Losing your loved ones
    • Fighting against the misguided opinion of the angry masses
  8. How do you deal with your problems?

    • Hesitantly, but when I get to them, thoroughly
    • Thoughtfully, I like to play the long game
    • I just try to shove them to the back of my mind
    • Head on
  9. What's your spirit animal?

    • A bison
    • An owl
    • A wolf
    • A puma
  10. Which creepy location would you least like to spend the night in?

    • An abandoned asylum
    • A secret government facility test zone
    • A haunted forest
    • A creepy person's house
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