Which Infamous Serial Killer Is Your BFF?

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Ever wanted to know which serial killer would be your best friend? Maybe just which blood-lusting murder you have most in common with? Well, here you go! A quick way to compare your interests!

  1. What was your favorite hobby as a child?

    • Cutting up insects, worms, and other small animals
    • Shoes, make-up, and fashion
    • Hanging out with my dearest mother
    • Drawing pictures of my mom dead
    • Masturbating
  2. What is your sexuality?

    • Bisexual
    • Confused
    • Gay
    • Lesbian
    • Incestrious
  3. You go grab a meal with your best friend. What is it...

    • A taco or some fish
    • A nice bloody steak
    • A good old fashioned roast
    • A nice burnt penis and mash
    • Stew
  4. If you were to murder someone, how would you do it?

    • Drug 'em, stab 'em , fuck 'em.
    • Shoot them in the face
    • Torture them until they drop
    • With a chainsaw
    • Smash that shit up and leave it in a sexual position ready for when you need it
  5. What's your type?

    • Anyone that looks like mommy darling <3
    • Brunettes
    • Young girls
    • Women
    • Young black males
  6. What would you and your bestie write about in your diaries together?

    • How much you want to screw your mother
    • Zombification and how much love sucks
    • Your sexual fantasies
    • Your childhood abuse
    • Life as a street worker
  7. How is your fashion sense?

    • Leather, high heels, and fishnet
    • Sweet and femme
    • A smart suit and pressed trousers
    • Trusty bakers cap and a plaid jacket
    • A bit unkempt
  8. Did you have a good childhood?

    • My parents were abusive
    • Very controlling
    • I have mommy issues
    • My parents broke up, but it was okay
    • I got kicked out on the street at 15
  9. Any odd fantasies or desires?

    • To kill my own mother
    • To keep my very own sex slave
    • To shoot someone
    • Eat someone's brains and bathe in their blood
    • To control someone's mind
  10. Last question to determine your new BFF - living or dead: Do you suffer from any mental health issues?

    • Psychosis
    • Depression
    • Sexual Sadist
    • Schizophrenia
    • Anger Issues
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