Which Side of Marvel's Civil War Are You On?

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Will you be joining Captain America or Iron Man when the time comes?

  1. Do you think the government should be in charge of prettymuch everything?

    • Maybe some stuff. But not too much.
    • Absolutely! It's better that way.
    • Stay outta my business!
    • Eveything within reason.
  2. How do you value the opinions of others?

    • Everyone should fall in line with what I think.
    • Do what you want... as long as it's not too forceful or crazy.
    • It's best to keep everything together and controlled.
    • Everybody is entitled to their own way.
  3. What makes someone a hero?

    • The ability to do whatever you want. Helping people is cool too.
    • The ability to make a difference creates the responsibility to do something great.
    • Cool costumes, weapons and powers!
    • If you have special abilities, it's up to you how you use them... just try not to be a bad guy.
  4. How should our rights be handled?

    • I'm all for doing whatever I have to do to protect myself and those around me.
    • Tread lightly, you're getting personal.
    • The public good is for the best, as long as we keep everyone's rights a priority.
    • With care, and in the best interest of the people.
  5. How far is "too far" when it comes to oversight for the sake of safety?

    • Back off or you'll regret it!
    • Just comply.... it's really for the best!
    • Sometimes lines have to be crossed, but do it carefully.
    • If you have to enforce some new rules, make sure you remember people deserve respect.
    • Whatever it takes, let's do it.
    • Step off.... this won't end well.
  6. How would you choose your team?

    • If we work together, we'll make it.
    • Just do what I tell you and we'll be fine.
    • People with the same views as me usually work best.
    • Anybody I can work with, within reason.
  7. Pick your team and prepare for a fight!

    • Deadpool, Black Widow, Quicksilver, War Machine
    • Cyclops, She-Hulk, Scarlett Witch, Thor
    • Hulk, Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Spiderman
    • Wolverine, Moon Knight, Human Torch
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