Which ARROW character are you?

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Are you The Arrow? or are you John Diggle? Take this quiz to find out.

  1. Your choice of weapon?

    • Smoke Bombs.
    • Baton.
    • Exo-skeleton suit.
    • Knives.
    • Swords.
    • Guns. Smoke 'em.
    • Bow and Arrows.
    • A computer with WIFI connection.
  2. What would you do during your free time?

    • Work on a second job.
    • Hang out by the club.
    • Do the salmon ladder.
    • Train. Harder. Stronger. Faster.
    • Be with family.
    • Suit up.
    • Look up some old pending case.
    • Roam around wearing your favorite hood.
  3. Your city is in peril. What would you do?

    • Let the police do the work.
    • Lend in support whichever way I can.
    • Call up my friends. I could use their help.
    • My city would never face such a situation.
    • Its my city, i will try to handle the situation.
    • Nothing, its not my job.
    • Work out behind the scenes.
    • Go out with the support team.
  4. Which other comic book character do you relate to, the most?

    • Wonder Woman.
    • Barry Allen aka The Flash.
    • Green Lantern.
    • Tony Stark aka Iron Man.
    • Hank Pym aka The Ant-Man.
    • I'm Batman.
    • Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch.
    • Marc Spector aka The Moon Knight.
  5. Which character out of the show would you rather go out on a date with?

    • The Billionaire Playboys, Oliver Queen or Tommy Merlyn.
    • Thea Queen.
    • Roy Harper.
    • Felicity.
    • All the guys.
    • Suicide Squad Members.
    • All the girls.
    • Moira Queen.
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