Which 'Vikings' Character Are You?

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Take this quiz to see who you are most similar to in the TV-show Vikings (based on characters in Season 1 and 2)! No spoilers involved, so if you haven't seen Season 2, it won't spoil anything.

  1. Have you been married, or do you want to get married someday?

    • I am married, but I'm kind of restless.
    • I am married, I've got too many kids to count...
    • Who knows?
    • Yes, I want children.
    • I don't know
    • Well, if I have to!
    • I guess? I'm kind of weird, so...
    • I am not married now, but I have been married.
  2. Where would you like to live? (Just choose the one you think is the best)

    • I prefer to stay in Sweden. It's the land were I was born.
    • It doesn't matter as long as I'm with my loved ones.
    • I would be fine with just living in Sweden, but England looks very appealing to me.
    • I'll live in Norway, because Norwegians are the toughest of the Norsemen!
    • Wherever the road takes me.
    • In England! It's hotter there, easier to farm the land.
    • In Scotland, it's not so far from where I come from!
    • Denmark, because I was born there.
  3. What will you drink?

    • I'll feast on the blood of my enemies!
    • Braggot (beer and mjød mixed together).
    • Red wine.
    • Cider.
    • Beer.
    • Mjød (fermented honey).
    • Gløgg (a spicey and sweet drink that's warm, made with wine).
    • Water.
  4. What describes you best?

    • Subtle and observant
    • Loyal and spirited
    • Devoted and tricky
    • Keen minded and a dare devil
    • Reasonable and manipulative
    • Tough and direct
    • Persuasive and smart
    • Reckless and dutiful
  5. Choose a weapon.

    • Sword and shield.
    • Bow and arrow.
    • A big-ass ax!
    • My luck charm will protect me.
    • Ax and shield.
    • Double up with the axes!
    • Words are the most powerful weapon of all.
    • I won't be the one fighting.
  6. Pick an animal.

    • Viper
    • Bear
    • Fox
    • Dog
    • Lynx
    • Wolverine
    • Wolf
    • Owl
  7. For the girls: who would you rather be? (For the guys, choose one of the sentences that sound the coolest in Norwegian).

    • Siggy
    • (Nordmenn er kulare enn svenskar.)
    • (Kva tykkjer du om blomar?)
    • (Eg er ein mann.)
    • (Kvifor er eg ikkje ei kvinne...)
    • Lagertha
    • Aslaug
    • (Når er det middag, eg er svolten?)
  8. For the guys: who would you rather be? (Girls: choose the coolest sentence in Norwegian)

    • Floki
    • Rollo
    • Bjørn
    • Ragnar
    • (Eg er trøytt...)
    • Athelstan
    • (Takk for at eg ikkje er ein mann!)
    • (Kvifor er vikingar så kule?)
  9. You encounter a bear while hunting in the forest, what is your first instinct?

    • I fight it, without a question! A BIG bear steak for dinner suits me well.
    • Stand still, watch the bear pass by. Maybe I can climb a tree to avoid it, just outsmart it.
    • I don't hunt alone in the forest, anyway. I am protected by my beloved one. But if I have to, I'll fight it.
    • Run, I don't have much experience with bears. Plus, if I were to fight it, I don't have much exprience fighting either.
    • My faithful dog will warn me about the bear, and we'll run back home.
    • There is no need for me to hunt, I don't like to get my hands dirty. There are others who do it for me.
    • I am waay to busy watching my kids to go hunting...
    • What bear?
  10. Which of these colors would you wear on your clothes as a Norseman?

    • I don't care, as long as it's not pink.
    • Brown.
    • Whatever my mom gives me.
    • Blue, the same as the sky and the water.
    • Red is a good color.
    • I don't change my clothes that often, so...
    • I like green, blue, red and yellow.
    • Black.
  11. You have to choose between losing your ship, or losing your house. What would you choose?(Remember that ships are precious to Norsemen)

    • I like the thought of keeping both, although I don't use the ship myself, others can!
    • I would keep my house, I'm not really into sailing anyway.
    • The house is much more important than the ship. Where else would my family and I live?
    • Are you crazy?! My precious ship, she will never come to harm. I'd rather live on my ship than in a house.
    • I'd much rather keep my house. I have to take care of my farmstead.
    • I don't really know, or I don't really care. I'll just do what my family and friends do.
    • Losing my house is bad, but I'll keep my ship. I'll sail off to another place and build (or steal) a home there!
    • I don't have a ship, and I don't have a house of my own...
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