Which Awesome Movie Character Are You?

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Find out which random movie character you are!

  1. How would you describe yourself?

    • With my name!
    • I'm a happy person chasing success. I'm friendly but do NOT get on my bad side.
    • I do not describe myself, who are you to ask me?
    • I'm a polite and nice person but I'm very stressed most of the time.
    • Describe? Aw maen....let's just hang out.
    • I'm quiet and mysterious. I'm very good at what I do and people know it.
  2. The person that frustrates you the most just destroyed something very dear to you. What would you do?

    • I'd try to reason but ultimately, I don't give a damn.
    • I'd go on a murdering spree and have my revenge at all costs!
    • I'd try to keep calm but I think I'd eventually lose control.
    • I'd just yell my name out!
    • I would set up an elaborate plan to ruin them and they won't even see it coming!
  3. Where would you want to live?

    • A futuristic, technologically advanced home.
    • In a dope little condo man.
    • A townhouse straight out of the American Dream.
    • Suburban house that's modern yet has a family vibe.
    • Modern minimalist villa.
    • The forest.
  4. Would you kill someone?

    • I don't know what I would do, I haven't been in a position where it was an option yet.
    • Kill? Oh no no....I would 'never' do thaaaat!
    • Let's just say I've made funeral home owners gain vast riches.
    • Aaaaaahhhh......you yell out your name!
    • Yes and now I shall kill you!
    • I don't agree with violence.
  5. What's your marital status?

    • She died of cancer.
    • My wife/husband was....aaaahhhmmm......recently passed away....you know...so....aaaahhm......
    • Yelling out your name.......
    • Let's just say divorced.
    • Got the best spouse I could ask for. We hit rough patches but we always work things out. Right honey? *stares angrily at spouse*
    • I don't believe in the whole institution of marriage thing.
  6. How many friends do you have?

    • Couple of best friends.
    • Loads, and I love them all.
    • Many allies, one true friend.
    • Your best friend is an animal
    • Oh...yeah I have friends...sure...yeah...aham...
    • I don't need friends!
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