Who Would You be in a Classic Disney Movie?

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Would you be the Princess, or the Villain, or the charming hero?

  1. Are you invited to meet the royal baby?

    • I'll probably marry the royal baby one day
    • No. But, I show up anyways and curse the darned thing.
    • Duh, I AM the royal baby! Everyone loves me!
  2. Can you rely on your own self?

    • Not really. My mother cooks/cooked for me and so will my spouse. I don't do anything at home and will starve to death if ever left alone.
    • No, I've always had everything provided for me. Including my, albeit limited, choice of future husbands.
    • Yes, and I have been for years.
  3. Are you intelligent in any way?

    • I have to be. Otherwise I would never survive.
    • I'm pretty good at hunting and showing total devotion to anyone I fall in love with.
    • Uh, I can hold a tune and sew a bit?
  4. How do people feel about you?

    • They refuse to get to know me, so I am an outcast and usually pretty well hated.
    • I am the, albeit epic, side not on most occasions, but people still know my face and my name.
    • I am the absolute center of attention!
  5. BOOM! Here's an Angry Dragon!

    • I'm totally useless here...
    • Hey, where'd you get my photo?
    • I'll kill it, or be killed saving someone else!
  6. Woodland creatures?

    • Disgusting
    • Food.
    • SO CUTE!
  7. Princes/ses?

    • Pathetic
    • I am one, DUH!
    • So romantic... uh...
  8. Do you have a legitimate pet?

    • No, but I sing to the woodland creatures all the time.
    • Nope. I kill things though.
    • Yes. I do, and s/he is my only beloved.
  9. Here's an apartment, a stipend for food, and a key. How do you fare?

    • I'm going to find where I can buy food. I can cook decently well - so I guess I would survive for a while. I still need someone to tell me how to do certain things. I really cannot be trusted alone.
    • Oh. Thank you. I won't need that stipend next month.
    • I'm gonna starve to death...
  10. Pick One

    • Princess Aurora
    • Prince Phillip
    • Maleficent
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