Would You Rather: Horror Edition

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Let your honesty come through and see if others agree with you!

  1. It's Halloween night, and you are trick or treating with your little sister when she runs off into a unknown house...which house would you rather it be?

    • Michael Myers' House
    • Boo's House
  2. It's time to go to college! You go into the attic to get more boxes. Which would you rather happen?

    • Get a phone call, dated for next week, and hear your self dieing
    • Get up the stairs and hear two claps behind you
  3. You're having stomach pains so you decide to go to the hospital. Would you rather the doctor tell you that you are pregnant with a demon child, or you have been walking around with The Thing inside you?

    • The Demon please
    • I guess the The Thing will have to do
  4. You are home alone and you hear footsteps upstairs. You decide to investigate. Who would you rather find up there?

    • Jamie covered in blood
    • Ghost Face waving at you with a knife
  5. If you had to choose sides, whose would you choose?

    • Jason Voorhees
    • Pinhead
    • Freddy Krueger
    • Michael Myers
  6. Last question! If you were being chased by a small human, which would you choose?

    • Chucky
    • Leprechaun
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