Which Justice League Character are you?

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There are currently 10 members of the Justice League in the New 52 written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jason Fabok. Each character has a unique personality and I think it's time to find out which Justice League character YOU would be. Let's begin shall we?

  1. What superpower would you want?

    • Be a living computer that can hack into just about anything.
    • Different powers all passed on from different Gods and to activate them all I have to do is say one word
    • A ring that can create things I imagine, however it also tells me the future (at the cost of having a mind of its own, which could prove dangerous).
    • A ring that can create things I imagine
    • No powers, just intellect, mma training and unlimited resources at my disposal
    • Speed is everything
    • Godlike powers
    • Just about a mix of everything
    • Incredibly smart, rich, and influential in the public. Also, a suit of armor that can fly
    • Control sea life and have strength, stamina, and a bad ass trident
  2. What value is important to you?

    • Defeating those who wish to bring evil to your people or friends
    • Helping other heroes like me for the greater good
    • Protecting the city I love
    • Bringing justice to those have corrupted the lives of others
    • Keeping people safe
    • Power and money can all me to do anything
    • Not sure yet. Self defense maybe?
    • Protecting the universe itself
    • Defending the country where you're from
    • If they're a bad guy, they should be stopped
  3. Which of the following describes you?

    • Comedian
    • Strong
    • Smart
    • Leader
    • Tough
    • Outsider
    • Immature
    • Talented
    • Geek
    • Coward
  4. FINAL QUESTION: Favorite color?

    • Purple
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Gold
    • Dark colors
    • Silver
    • Green
    • Mix of a few
    • Blue
    • Red
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