What Divergent Faction Do You Belong In?

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Hint: Harness your inner teenage self to answer these questions.

  1. It’s your 16th birthday. How do you celebrate?

    • Take your closest friends to a local theme park and ride the newest, tallest ride.
    • Have a big party with all of your friends and family at home and have plenty of food.
    • Wait to see if your friends do anything for your birthday like throw a birthday party.
    • Share with your closest friend what were the best moments and worst moments of the past year.
    • Plan a small dinner with your family before you head out to help in the local soup kitchen.
    • Make a strategic plan for how to make your 16th year the best year of your life so far.
  2. You witness a person shoplifting at your favorite department store. What do you do?

    • Talk it over with your friends so you can decide together what to do.
    • Do nothing. If no one get's hurt, what's the big deal?
    • Only say something if the item stolen was expensive enough to be noticed.
    • Nothing. You're the one who stole the item.
    • Find a person who works in the shop and let them know what you just saw.
    • Go immediately to the cash register and offer to pay for what was stolen.
  3. You best friend bought this gaudy necklace and wants to wear it to the party on Friday? You…

    • Are not worried about it. All of your friends have their own individual styles.
    • Be honest with her how hideous it is and recommend another necklace.
    • Purchase an equally ugly piece of jewelry to where to the part as well.
    • Go with it. It's not hurting anyone and she feels good wearing it.
    • Worry about your own outfit. What matters most is how you look that night.
    • Say nothing. A group of you will be skipping out early anyways to go drag racing.
  4. Your football team is facing their rivals this weekend. How do you prepare?

    • You drink plenty of water the day before the game because you're the one announcing the game that night.
    • You show up early for tailgating and buy your ticket from the scalper on the corner.
    • You get together with your friends to create banners and signs to hold up at the game.
    • You drive yourself to the game and meet up with your friends by halftime.
    • You show up early for tailgating and then make it to one of the best seats in the house before kickoff.
    • You contact the boosters to sign up for your concession stand shift at the game.
  5. It’s your turn to cook dinner. What do you do?

    • You wait to see if anyone will offer to take your place and prepare the meal instead.
    • You find out what everyone likes and plan a meal based on their preferences.
    • You cook dinner, set the table and clean up afterwards without complaint.
    • You go to the organic market and then invite everyone into the kitchen to help prepare the meal.
    • Stick to the plan and prepare a meal for everyone. It's only fair.
    • You arrive home late and put anything you can find together for the meal.
  6. How are you celebrating Christmas this year?

    • Get together with friends of all faiths and share traditional dishes from each of their cultures.
    • Take the family out for dinner and a movie. Christmas really isn't an important holiday for you.
    • Toys for Tots and Meals on Wheels both love to see the faces of your family during this time of year.
    • Pile the family in the car and careen down the road to Midnight Mass.
    • Gather around the living room to watch History Channel documentaries on the life of Jesus.
    • Gather with friends and family on the sidewalk to watch the holiday parade with everyone else.
  7. How do you dress for a typical day at school?

    • Maxi skirts and peasant shirts with grass-weaved sandals and iconic accessories.
    • School uniform with khaki pants and a polo shirt to look the same as everyone else.
    • A simple, practical outfit that is clean and neat.
    • Fashionable outfit with designer labels and plenty of accessories.
    • Jeans and tank tops or rock t-shirts that show off your piercings and/or tattoos.
    • Whatever you manage to grab off the floor that still appears to be clean will do.
  8. What kind of driver do you consider yourself to be?

    • Slow and careful. You give yourself plenty of space from the car in front of you and always stop on yellow lights.
    • You'll always be found in the car pool lane as you and your neighbors take turns driving.
    • You drive the speed limit, obey all traffic lights and try to avoid rush hour if possible.
    • A little reckless. You always go over the speed limit and will only stop at stop signs if you see cross traffic.
    • You're more of a pedestrian but will take public transportation if needed.
    • A good driver, but not afraid to use public transportation when it makes the most sense.
  9. What kind of home do you want to live in?

    • A practical rental that is just big enough for the whole family.
    • A large mansion in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods on the coast.
    • High-rise apartment in the heart of the city where all the action is.
    • A condominium where all the homes look relatively the same and the landscaping is provided by your HOA.
    • A simple home in the suburbs that has plenty of land surounding it for get-togethers.
    • A farm house with animals and crops to tend.
  10. How would you describe your best friend?

    • Sometimes a bit of a jerk, but definitely the life of the party.
    • One of the smartest people you know.
    • A charitable individual who never tires of helping out when needed.
    • An honest individual who never strays from telling you exactly where you stand with them.
    • The exact opposite of you. After all, opposites attract.
    • One of the friendliest people you've ever met.
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