What movie is your life?

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Have you ever wandered what if your life was a movie? If you have, then this is the chance to find out! If you haven't, just think about it. There are thousands of movies out there.. at least one of it must represent you... Right?

  1. In your free time you...

    • I'm just taking this quiz cause I'm bored... Sorry... No offence..
    • Just being alone... And taking care of my loved ones
    • Doo sports! I cannot stand still..
    • Go on lonely walks.... I love piece and quiet
  2. Your favorite type of movie is..

    • Any movie that justice is given
    • Any soul searching movie
    • Medieval movies.. i love those times..
    • Oh my god i'm already bored by this...
  3. If your friend was in trouble you would..

    • Omg... I wanna hit the person who did this quiz so badly..
    • I don't know... I guess I would help but it could be dangerous... Maybe we would both just leave
    • I would gather many people and fight by his side. I would never let them stand alone
    • Run immediately to his/her aid! No questions asked.
  4. Your friends would describe you as..

    • kind but in your own world... You would never hurt anyone but still... it's like you're searching for yourself
    • Serious but kind... a spark of 'destiny' inside
    • Loyal and brave
    • blah blah... Nobody is gonna judge me..
  5. Favorite color?

    • blue
    • black
    • green
    • brown
  6. You like music that is...

    • calming... this is a mad world..
    • I don't know.. Sometimes I like depressing music...
    • Soft... But I also like traditional music..
    • I like this song ''I wanna kill you''... Enough with the quiz!
  7. Your favorite country(except your own) is

    • Greece
    • England
    • Australia
    • America
  8. Your favorite animal is...

    • Bird... They just fly freely...
    • Wolf... They are just powerful
    • Tiger... They are just big kitties
    • What does it matter really????? But maybe an eagle.
  9. Why are you taking this quiz?

    • Just for fun..
    • Well I was bored but now I'm just angry!
    • I don't know really...
    • To know if what I believe about me is right
  10. What movie would you like your life to be?

    • Kill Bill. Guess what. You are Bill
    • something dangerous! To feel like living!
    • Rise of the guardians... I love that imagination and love still excists
    • Something calm... Not something in particular..
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