Which Character Of Hunger Games you are?

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This is the Greatest, Powerful and Unstoppable... AHHAHA. joke. QUIZ! come on and TAKE THE QUIZ!

  1. Choose you song (better listen first before you choose)

    • "Dead rabbit Hopes" Jena Malone
    • "Here's Hope" Owl City
    • "Stay" by Hurts
    • "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys
  2. As a leader, Mockingjay, what is your first Plan?

    • Spend more time.
    • *Gets the notebook planner*
    • 1.... 2.... 3... 4... 5... okay now.
    • Attack. duh
  3. Any option(s) Before you become a Mockingjay?

    • Nothing.
    • I need people to help me.
    • Protect My family.
    • Keep Prim's cat
  4. If there's attacking Career Tributes, What would you do?(soorryy for derp :D)

    • UGHHHH! join them too duh
    • Of course, RUNNNN!
    • attack them too.
    • kill THEM?
  5. If you picked as the representative of your district, what would you do?

    • Looking for your best friend then your bff say " I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE!" asdfghjkl
    • WHAT THE [email protected]#$ ITS ME! WHAT THE HELL?!
    • go on....
    • *comes bravely*
  6. If you picked then you have a limited time, where do you want to spend you time?

    • family
    • GF/BF
    • nothing
  7. As the representative of your district, What it feels like?

    • IM okay
    • NOTHING.
    • huuhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuu!
    • *smiles* *laughs* *says jokes*
  8. In the arena, What weapon do you choose?

    • trident.
    • SPEAR?
    • Arrow
  9. IF YOU WIN, What do you want to do first?

    • Family huhuhuhuh WHANTH THU SI MAY FAMILY!
    • Watch t.v. duh
    • ummm, one wine, please?
  10. If you are friendly, Who would you like if you want a friend?

    • President Snow
    • Your Partner
    • Effie (Fashion) !!!!!
    • Other Tributes
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