What Type Of Superhero Are You?

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We've all wanted to assemble our own custom team of superheroes, so here's your chance to do so! (Sort of)

  1. What kind of costumes do you prefer?

    • Doesn't matter. Just let me at 'em!
    • Something with some cool gadgets and tech.
    • It needs to be out of this world!
    • Something that won't get in my way while I clobber people.
    • Patriotic is good. At least something official.
    • Dark, if I have to.
  2. What's your fighting style?

    • Punch it until it doesn't move!
    • Brutal. Take down bad guys with skill and precision.
    • Work together, lead a cohesive team into battle.
    • Plan it out, blast 'em, blow 'em up.
    • Style? There are styles?
    • Specialized powers that no one's ever seen before.
  3. Hostages have been taken! What do you do?

    • How 'bout a magic trick?
    • Tactical takedowns of your enemies, bring home the hostages alive.
    • Technology is going to be key. Good tech always wins the day.
    • I trust my team to make the best decisions based on their own abilities.
    • Devise a plan, go in together and get the hostages home safe.
    • Punch the jelly outta the bad guys. Hopefully the hostages are all good.
  4. Robots, aliens and supervillains are attacking the city. Now what?

    • ...... can we just punch stuff?
    • Our power will put us on top.
    • With the right tools, this should actually be a piece of cake.
    • Let's collaborate and make sure we minimize the damage here.
    • I'll do my thing, you do yours, hopefully it all works.
    • Pummel and disable the threat. Step by step tactics are what's needed here.
  5. You have a henchman in custody. How do you get him to tell you the main villain's plan?

    • I'm sure we can work something out, one way or another.
    • Oh I'll make him talk...
    • Our abilities will turn him.
    • I've got some tools for that.
    • I don't like talking. Can we just beat it out of him.
    • Wait, we don't know the plan already? Why doesn't anyone tell me this stuff?!
  6. The supervillain's plan is in motion! Do something!

    • I'm confused. Can we punch our way out or no?
    • This is taking too long. Let's just go get him!
    • Our special gear will outmatch him.
    • Teamwork. Works every time.
    • Preparation is key. With the proper tactics and planning we can take him down.
    • He will know true power.
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