What Host Club Character Are You?

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The Host Club has many different types, which one are you?

  1. A friend asks you for some advice what do you say or do?

    • You nod 'yes' and listen to every word but after they finish all you can do is hug them and say "I know if anyone can figure this out it's you."
    • You giggle and nod your head 'yes'. After hearing what they have to say you reply "have some sweets that will help!"
    • You give them a devilish smile and listen partially. After they stop talking you concoct a wild plan to make things better.
    • You nod 'yes' but zone out while they talk and after they finish you say something along the lines of "I'm not sure what to tell you."
    • "Yes!" You say enthusiastically. Then you ramble on about how romance will fix it after they finish talking.
    • You smile and say "what can I help you with?" After they finish explaining you tell them what you honestly think about the situation.
  2. If you see a couple who is having a problem (something small) that is keeping them apart, what do you do?

    • You just keep walking, you don't even notice them.
    • You watch their interactions but don't have the words to say anything to them.
    • You just frown and say "aw that's sad that they're not getting along but they will probably work things out."
    • You immediately come up with a plan to get them to work things out.
    • You get one of them alone and talk to them about things and tell them the sensible thing to do.
    • You shrug and keep walking.
  3. When at the beach what do you like to do?

    • Sit on the sand or a rock and just admire the view.
    • Hit on anyone you find attractive and enjoy how romantic the scenery is.
    • Wade in the water and build a sand castle.
    • You love to swim and hunt for seashells.
    • Play pranks on people and play volleyball.
    • Swim and maybe go for a jog along the shore.
  4. Your best girl-friend wants your opinion on a bathing suit.

    • Shorts and a tank top
    • a one piece with a cute pattern
    • a string bikini
    • a frilly two piece
    • doesn't really matter what they wear
    • a really cute but subtle two piece
  5. You meet someone who you start to become friends with and you thought was one gender but they are actually the other, how do you react?

    • You are not surprised. You figured it out in a day or two of knowing them.
    • Whatever, still the same person.
    • You knew when you first met them.
    • You stare with your eyes about to pop out of your head then you start to twitch not knowing how to take this.
    • You drop your stuffed animal and stare.
    • You just stare without words.
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