Who is on your Supervillain team?

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Wanna embrace your bad side? Sure you do! Let's take a quick quiz to find out who your Supervillain team is made up of!

  1. Those pesky heroes are at it again, trying to ruin your plans. How do you handle them?

    • Something nasty, disturbing. Maybe involving fire. Or knives. Or Acid. Or all of the above.
    • Maybe crush them, maybe eat them, maybe both.
    • Pummel them. They can't stop me if they're paste.
    • I cannot be stopped. I will pay them no mind.
    • My mind and my tech make me superior. They won't be a problem.
    • I'll figure something out, don't bother me with details right now.
  2. It's time for a plan. What do you want to do?

    • I need a cunning plan to take down my enemies and establish my rule.
    • Perhaps I shall assist another villain, maybe I'll take the rule for myself. Whatever benefits me most.
    • I have no value for this planet or the next. I will either establish an immediate rule or eradicate it entirely.
    • Destruction! I will crush the world into submission!
    • Plan? There is no plan. Only Death.
    • Chaos. I like things messy...
  3. How do you like your henchmen?

    • I could take 'em or leave 'em.
    • Henchmen? Who needs 'em?!
    • The crazier the better.
    • I am fear, I don't require henchmen.
    • Typically I prefer robots. Less room for error that way.
    • Henchmen would imply that I need help... which I do not.
  4. If you had a nemesis, who would it be?

    • The Avengers
    • Superman
    • Batman
    • I don't take things that personal...... usually.
    • I have no nemesis. I am too powerful to be defeated.
    • The Hulk
  5. How would you rate your villainy?

    • Nuts
    • Brutal
    • Terrifying
    • Intelligent
    • Consuming
    • Unpredictable
  6. What movie villain is most like you?

    • Jack Torrence (The Shining
    • Agent Smith (The Matrix)
    • Are we really doing this?
    • The Terminator (duh)
    • Godzilla (.... really?)
    • Tyler Durden (Fight Club)
  7. Why do you do it?

    • My rage pushes me on.
    • I am superior. Everyone else should get that.
    • Doesn't really matter. Why do you care, anyway?
    • I'm misunderstood. That drives me nuts.
    • I need no reason. You are beneath me.
    • I don't know. I just love being bad!
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