[Possible spoilers]How well would you survive in 'The Walking Dead' world?

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Are you a super survivor or do you just wish a miracle to happen in order to stay alive?

  1. A walker (1) is coming to you. What do you do?

    • Scream for help
    • Run
    • Cut the walkers legs so it cant follow you
    • Kill it
  2. You go search for supplies in a local super market. What will you try to find?

    • Clothes
    • Weapons
    • Water, can food and fire making supplies.
    • Candy, alcohol and your favorite magazines.
  3. Now you are hunted by humans, who want your food! What do you do?

    • "Nope guys. These are my stuff!"
    • You give them your food. All of it.
    • Give them a warning and then kill them if they don't do as you say.
    • You try to make deal with them. Some food for them, some bullets for you.
  4. A bunch of walkers is coming to you! What do you do?

    • Attack them with your group.
    • If you have enough ammo, you kill them. If you don't, you run.
    • Scream for help.
    • Run to your safe house.
  5. One of your groups man got bit by a walker. What do you do for him?

    • You take him with you.
    • You left him to die.
    • You put a bullet in his head and bury him.
    • You try to save him.
  6. Your own family member got bit by a walker. He/she can't walk or even talk anymore. What do you do?

    • You kill him/her and then yourself.
    • Stay with him/her.
    • You left him/her and keep going.
    • Put a bullet in his/her head and bury him/her. No feelings at all.
  7. One of your groups people is not a good guy. What do you do?

    • You tell to the group leader.
    • You warn him/her.
    • You kill him/her and lie to your group.
    • Oh he/she can't be that bad. You let him be.
  8. What would you wear for apocalypse?

    • Ordinary clothes. What special do I need?
    • T-shirt and gym shorts.
    • Boots, jeans and top.
    • High-heels, jewelry, mini-skirt and a cute top. I can't leave them!!!11!
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