What candy are you based on your personality?

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Take a quick quiz to find out your personality flavor.

  1. Do you prefer black or white?

    • Neither..
    • Why is this a question?
    • Black.
    • White.
  2. What's your favorite food listed below?

    • Salad.
    • Steak.
    • Any type of pasta.
    • Burgers.
  3. Favorite type of movies to watch?

    • Thriller
    • Romance
    • Comedy.
    • Horror
  4. Favorite disney princess?

    • Elsa.
    • Ariel.
    • Snow White.
    • Cinderella.
  5. What are you most likely going to do this weekend?

    • Hang with a few friends.
    • Go out to a party/bar.
    • Sleep.
    • Watch a movie at home/read at home.
  6. You see the person you hate the most fall down, you...

    • Laugh to yourself and keep walking.
    • Act like you didn't see them fall.
    • Force yourself to help them up even though they are the worst person on Earth.
    • Watch them attempt you get up as you pull out your camera.
  7. How much did you like this quiz? (;

    • Cool.
    • Kind of a waste of time...
    • Dumb as heck.
    • It was alright. Lol.
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