What's your power to survive a horror movie?

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Have you ever wondered about what you'd do on a horror movie if a bad guy tried to kill you? How would you survive? Take the quizz and find out!

  1. You're in the midle of a hunted forest and it's pretty dark. You hear a scream. What do you do?

    • I grab something strong enough to kill an animal - just in case - and I start walking towards the mountains.
    • I hide in a cave and I write my plan for survival. Next day, when the sun comes up, I put it in practice.
    • I wish very hard not to pee in my pants and I just stay where I am 'cause I can't really move a muscle. But I really want to go, I just really can't...
    • I walk through the shadows and I climb a tree where I can stay 'till the other day, just like a monkey would do.
  2. Seems like the scream came from this poor girl who comes to you and tells you that you must stay together to survive. What do you tell her?

    • WE don't need to stay together to survive, YOU need to stay close to me not to die. I'll be your protector.
    • Seems great! I just needed someone to protect me, thank you God!!
    • Sure, two heads think better than one.
    • I don't think it's a good idea. We move faster being on our own. You should go home, get in your bed and have sweet dreams.
  3. A werewolf appears. What do you do?

    • I hide behind a tree and I wait for the best moment to tie a rope around his neck. Then, I make a barbecue with him cause I don't eat for like 5 days.
    • I kill him without even blinking.
    • I crawl below him and stick my fingers on his eyes. Now that he's blind I can rip his heart out and throw it away just because.
    • Werewolfs aren't real, werewolfs aren't real!
  4. Sun is rising and you've just been bitten by a vampire. What do you do?

    • I make a sun block out of palm leaves, pine essence and walnut flowers.
    • I push rocks against rocks and I build a rock cabin. There i'll be secure, no sun will burn me.
    • I scream for help, someone must listen!
    • I run faster than the sun and wherever I am, it's still dark.
  5. There's a board saying "Don't turn left, devil's in there". What do you do?

    • I ain't go any of that ways. I go straight ahead, jumping from tree to tree, feeling free.
    • Of course I turn left, there's no such thing as devil. But if it exists, he'll run away when he sees me.
    • I wait and think... This is probably a trick, someone must want me to go right so that I get killed. Therefore, I grab a stick and I go left.
    • I wait for some kind of saviour because I'm never really good at making choices.
  6. You're too tired and you see a cabin in the woods. Do you go inside?

    • Sure! Finally some good news! A place to recharge batteries. Hell yeah.
    • NO WAY! That's always a bad sign! I run away from there with as strenght as I have, I just can't stay there.
    • I don't know... A cabin in the woods? Just like that? Seems to easy... I think i'm just gonna find some safer place where I can rest for a bit and maybe then I'll restart my journey.
    • Yes! Perhaps I can spend the night there. And if a bad guy is inside, for some unknown reason, I'll feel obliged to kill him.
  7. Suddenly, you hear the sound of a chainsaw. What now?

    • It must be him... I got to hide until he gets here. Then, i'll surprise him with my bow and arrow skills.
    • Time to run, there's no way he can catch me, I'm pretty much faster than him. He'll get tired of pursuiting me and he'll pass out. Let's get this started!
    • Dear God, saints, spirits... someone please just help me! I promised my dad I would get alive out of this! I really need to survive!!
    • Here it is, it's the m***** f****** bastard. Now i'll kill the son of a b****, come on, your little piece of s***, show yourself!
  8. You find out you have a tattoo - Why? Because I want! - What is it?

    • A brain.
    • A word.
    • A bike.
    • A fist.
  9. One last question, what's your name?

    • Ben.
    • Peter.
    • Ace.
    • Sean.
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