Are you A REAL comic book lover?

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Hey guys, guess what... Is the Comic Week here in Moviepilot! And well, I decided to do this test to celebrate this amazing event!

Just answer the questions by yourself, and see your Comic Book Lover Level!

Be Honest!

  1. How many Comic Books have you read in your life?

    • 20-50
    • More than 50. Actually, I don't count the number of comic books I read...
    • I haven't read a comic book in my life.
    • 1-20
  2. Which of the following formats you prefer to read a Comic Book?

    • I prefer to read them in digital (CBR - Comic Book Reader)
    • I'm not interested in reading a comic book right now...
    • A physical comic book. I like to spend my money and time in the comic culture.
    • I don't care, I read them in all formats!
  3. To wich company belongs this Character?

    • Image Comics
    • Marvel Comics
    • IDW
    • DC comics
  4. Which of the following is NOT a Comic Book Company?

    • Vertigo Comics
    • Dark Horse Comics
    • Red Star Productions
    • Top Cow Productions
  5. How many time do you spend reading comics?

    • I read comic books sometimes...
    • More than 5 hours by day. I don't really count the hours, I just enjoy them!
    • 1 to 4 hours by day...
    • I don't read comics...
  6. Who is he?

    • Sirius Black
    • Frank Miller
    • Alan Moore
    • Grant Morrison
  7. The first appearance of superman was in:

    • Detective Comics #1
    • Action Comics #1
    • Amazing Fantasy #15
    • Superman #1
  8. What is the meaning of MCU/DCCU

    • Municipal Credit Union / Delta Community Credit Union
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe / DC Cinematic Universe
    • Marvel Conventions United / DC Conventions United
    • Marvel Comics Universe / DC Comics Universe
  9. Which of the following names is NOT related with the character in the picture?

    • Speedy
    • Arsenal
    • Red Hood
    • Red Arrow
  10. Which of the following is a "copy" of Deathstroke / Slade Wilson

    • Deadshot - Floyd Lawton
    • The Punisher - Frank Castle
    • Deadpool - Wade Wilson
    • Deadpool - Sam Wilson
  11. Which of the following teams DOES NOT exist?

    • Uncanny X-Men
    • Uncanny Avengers
    • Uncanny guardians of the galaxy
    • Uncanny X-Force
  12. Marvel or DC?

    • I just like watching the movies...
    • DC Comics!
    • I like both. And I like lots of more comic book companies too!
    • Marvel Comics!
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