Of Monsters and Men: Find Out Which Marvel Villain You Will Become!

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Everyone is destined for something. You are destined to rule.

  1. What's your favorite pastime?

    • Killing innocent people
    • Building armies
    • Wrecking havoc for family
    • Ruling the world
    • Hunting down superheroes
  2. You are asked to join the Avengers. What do you say?

    • Silence you incompetent worm!
    • I shall exterminate them.
    • What care I when I can control the universe?
    • What made you guys so special?
    • They are beneath me!
  3. Who do you pick for a henchman?

    • The Destroyer
    • Hyperstorm
    • Baron Wolfgang von Strucker
    • The Vision
    • Death
  4. A little girl trips and scrapes her knee. What do you do?

    • I kill her. Kids disgust me.
    • I'm surrounded by idiots.
    • She is nothing. She must be exterminated.
    • Run her over with my tank.
    • I help her up. I'm not that cruel.
  5. Pick your mode of transportation.

    • I can fly.
    • I use very advanced technology like rockets.
    • I prefer more rustic things like boats.
    • I walk everywhere.
    • I prefer space ships.
  6. It's you or your family. Someone will die. Who is it?

    • Family? What is family?
    • I will save them.
    • No. I must save myself.
    • I don't have family. There's just me.
    • I killed my family.
  7. What's your favorite movie?

    • Chappie
    • I don't watch movies.
    • Henry V
    • Gladiator
    • Inglorious bastards
  8. Your day of defeat has come. What do you say?

    • Cut off one head; two more shall take its place.
    • I've failed! I've been defeated-- by the accursed Fantastic Four!
    • If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now.
    • Did you truly believe I could be so easily duped, demon?
    • I have failed my mission.
  9. You're choosing your clothes for the day. What do you pick?

    • A gold watch.
    • A dark leather jacket.
    • A shiny, sleek coat.
    • A suit of armor.
    • A green vest.
  10. How do you like to eat?

    • I have huge banquets
    • Slaves feed me.
    • I don't eat.
    • I eat in the solitude of my fortress.
    • I feast like a god.
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