Which Wizarding School do you belong to?

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You may say that "Hogwarts is my home!" but lets check whether that is correct or not!

  1. Choose a magical subject!

    • Flying
    • Potions
    • Herbology
    • Defense Against Dark Arts
    • Transfiguration
  2. Select a movie from the list below that suits your persona!

    • Guardians Of The Galaxy
    • The Dark Knight
    • Titanic
    • SE7EN
    • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  3. Imagine that there is a boy at your school who faces racist comments by your fellow class mates, what will you do in such a case?

    • Teach the bullies a lesson by beating them up!
    • Distract the boy from the comments by telling him a joke!
    • Give the bullies some ancient Japanese Advice!
    • Join them, if it is for an unharmful fun!
    • Ignore them!
  4. Choose a country that you wish to travel some day!

    • France
    • The United Kingdom
    • Japan
    • Switzerland
    • Egypt
  5. You were told by your parents that you are going to a exotic vacation! But, you will go there blind folded. What would you expect to be in front of your eyes?

    • A Beautiful Garden in France!
    • A Cold and Dark Castle!
    • A Grand Luxurious Hotel some where in Europe!
    • Ancient Japanese Temple surrounded with great gardens and forests!
    • A Gigantic Mountain and A Beautiful Waterfall!
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