which the hobbit character are you

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the quiz to find out who you would be in middle earth

  1. which of these do you prefer

    • adventures and looking ahead
    • food and a good pipe
    • long beards and axes
    • gold and fire
    • bow n arrow and elves
  2. choose one

    • keep careful watch of my brother soul
    • i saw light fade from the sky
    • thats what bilbo baggins hates
    • dungeons deep and caverns old
    • i see fire
  3. who do you wanna be

    • a dragon
    • a legendary wizard
    • a dwarf
    • a hobbit
    • another dwarf
  4. what do you see your self as

    • a villain
    • a leader
    • a look aheader
    • stand at the back kinda guy
    • a follower
  5. which of these would you do on a Saturday

    • look ahead
    • kill some dwarfs
    • kill some orcs
    • go on an adventure
    • follow someone on an adventure
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