Which Fantasy Heroine are you?

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A warrior or a witch? Princess or Pagen? Find out!

  1. Which of the following gifts would you most likely wish to receive?

    • Something useful...
    • A book
    • Some pretty clothes or makeup.
    • A pretty flower
    • A pet
    • I'd appreciate anything I am given.
  2. How do you feel about love?

    • I love so many things. My stuff, my friends, my family...
    • I'll try to avoid it, thank you...
    • It's beautiful.
    • Love? I don't think I should be thinking about that just yet.
    • Love is rare.
    • Love is all-powerful.
  3. You're in a infamous battle of Good vs Evil... What's the plan?

    • Unleash years of knowledge and practise upon them fearlessly!
    • The plan is simple. We win.
    • I'll take my sword in hand and defend those who I love and care about.
    • I'm not actually sure what side I'd be on, for starters...
    • Leave it to the men and latch onto the bravest afterwards?
    • Me and my close army of friends bravely take them all on!
  4. Which best describes your work ethic...?

    • I put a fair but of effort into tasks. But it isn't hard to control.
    • I hardly lift a finger. But I don't sit and watch other people do it for me. Everything is pretty easy going.
    • I try but it never goes my way.
    • I learnt early on that you need to work hard to get what you want. And even that doesn't always work.
    • I've worked so hard to get to where I am. I'm not stopping now.
    • I always give 100%
  5. What are you most likely to be drinking at the party?

    • A sweet wine.
    • Something strong. I can keep it down.
    • Something fruity!
    • Depends on what I'm doing the morning after. But pass me a beer.
    • Something non-alcoholic... Though I do often get spiked.
    • A real fancy cocktail.
  6. Pick a colour

    • Black
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Red
    • White
    • Pink
  7. If in a fantasy setting, your mount would be:

    • A Stallion.
    • A normal mode of transportation... That FLIES!
    • A noble steed
    • Horse and carriage
    • A tame humanoid beast of some sort...
    • A Dragon
  8. If in a fantasy setting, your powers would be:

    • Medieval Witchcraft.
    • I'd dabble in potions.
    • White (Good) Magic.
    • The power of deception.
    • I'll just have my sword.
    • Black Magic.
  9. Choose a fantasy companion.

    • A domestic animal; a dog, a cat...
    • Another person. I'll be nice to see a familiar creature.
    • Hmmm... A troll, a goblin, a dwarf... Something weird and wonderful like that!
    • Does an entire army count...?
    • My S.O
    • Gotta be a dragon.
  10. How would you describe your style?

    • Girly. Very pretty and feminine.
    • Hoodies.
    • Something respectable.
    • Something a bit dated. Vintage is beautiful.
    • Fairly sexy, but classy.
    • Gothic.
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