What TV protagonist are YOU?

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Find out which sort of person you are, based solely on fictional ones!

  1. You're being chased down! What do you do?!

    • Shoot the attacker down!
    • Find a way to slip past....
    • Try to find out why they're chasing you!
  2. You see a wounded man on the ground. What do you do?

    • Put him out of his misery!
    • Ignore him.
    • Consider helping.
  3. A man drops a $50 bill. What do you do?

    • Give it back.
    • Take it for yourself!
    • Take it for a good cause!
  4. You're wounded, and someone offers help. What do you do?

    • Refuse the offer.
    • Accept it, BUT WITH CAUTION.
    • Convince them you can help yourself.
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