Which Saw Cop Are You?!

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The Jigsaw Killer must be caught, but how will YOU do it?!

  1. One of your informants has been killed in Jigsaw's trap, and he has left you a personal message! How do you proceed?

    • Fuck Jigsaw's games. I need to catch this bastard NOW!
    • Ignore Jigsaw's message and focus on the path forward!
    • Review the tape over and over until you find that minute detail that'll lead you right to Jigsaw!
    • Call for backup. No need to go after Jigsaw alone!
    • Listen while you drive to the next crime scene! Maybe you can save the next victim!
    • This is my chance to take down this bastard right here and now.
  2. You have found Jigsaw's lair, but he's activated a trap, and now you have to choose whether you'll save the victim or apprehend Jigsaw! What do you do?!

    • I have to save that victim! How do I get this thing off?!
    • As much as I want to get this son of a bitch, I have to save the victim!
    • Maybe he deserves to be in this trap. I'm going after Jigsaw!
    • Sorry pal, but I have to catch this murderer before he hurts anyone else!
    • There's no way Jigsaw's getting away from me again! I'm going after him!
    • I'm calling for back up! They can go after Jigsaw while I save the victim!
  3. You are in the midst of your own test. All you have to do to escape is wait, but if you do, another victim will be killed! Make your choice!

    • If I wait, that person dies?! Shit, I want to help, but I don't want to die either! Where's my damn back up?!
    • Screw the victim. I need to keep myself alive.
    • I can't leave that person to die! I'm going to save them!
    • I'm waiting. I can't catch Jigsaw if I'm dead!
    • Fuck, fuck, FUCK! I have no choice but to wait!
    • Fuck you, Jigsaw. I'm moving ahead!
  4. Your next test: the Reverse Bear Trap. To get the key, you have to eviscerate your "dead" cellmate. Can you do it?

    • There's no choice... I have to do this!
    • There has to be a way to do this without killing that guy!
    • No way, that's too fucked up! Are you serious?! I can't do it!
    • Oh fuck, another trap! I need to do it so I can catch this sick fuck!
    • Of course I can do it! It's him or me!
    • Shit! I don't have a choice! Here goes!
  5. Your colleagues are trapped, and Jigsaw's tape says "They have 90 minutes to save themselves. Do NOT proceed." What will you do?!

    • I've got to save them! There's no way I can just sit here while people die!
    • Fuck your warning, I'm going in!
    • I'll just wait here. Whatever happens to them is their fault.
    • Fuck it, I'm breaking that door down!
    • If there's a chance I can find Jigsaw by going in, I'm doing it!
    • I'd better wait for back up. There's no way I'm going in there!
  6. A mother, a father, and a child are slowly being drowned in liquefied pig! You only have time to save one of them. Who will it be?!

    • I'll save the father. Then I'm going after Jigsaw.
    • I gotta save that kid! I'd never forgive myself if I let him die!
    • I can save all of 'em! There has to be a way!
    • I'll save the kid. The parents are obviously guilty of something.
    • What the fuck? How is anybody supposed to make this kind of choice?!
    • I have to save the mother! She'll be able to help me save the others!
  7. Jigsaw has turned himself in, but there's a catch! He has your son! He says all you need to do is talk, and he'll let your son go, but will you just sit there?!

    • Dammit, I won't play his games! I'm bringing him in RIGHT NOW!
    • That sick bastard! I need to save my son! I can't wait!
    • I'm calling for back up! I'll keep him busy while they find my son!
    • I need to follow the rules. There's no way my son will live if I don't.
    • Fuck rules, I'm getting my son back!
    • Fuck Jigsaw, I'll beat him 'till he tells me where my son is!
  8. You are about to die! How do you leave this world?!

    • I couldn't find Jigsaw, but he killed my partner. The only choice is death.
    • In the most spectacular way possible, at the last possible moment!
    • I tripped a booby trap?! Fuck!
    • I tried to take over Jigsaw's legacy myself, but someone else killed me!
    • I got killed in a trap because I didn't follow the rules!
    • I couldn't wait to save my friends, but my impatience got them and myself killed!
  9. You have Jigsaw cornered! What do you do?!

    • Join him and punish the evildoers in the world!
    • Now that I have him under control, I'm calling for back up. It's never this easy...
    • Beat the shit out of him until he's a bloody pulp! Serves him right!
    • Bring him in! My work here is done!
    • Kill him! He's brought me enough pain and suffering!
    • Arrest him! That bastard won't hurt anyone else!
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