Which Liar Are You?

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This Quiz Decides Which Liar You Are From The Hit TV Show 'Pretty Little Liars'
Comment Which Liar You Are!

  1. A Chases You, What Do You Do?

    • Also Try To Fight Back
    • Stand There Because You Have Little Legs
    • Hide
    • Act Sassy
    • Attack
  2. You Are Trapped In A Life Size Dollhouse, You...

    • Think Of Things To Distract A
    • Help Escape
    • Try Start An Argument With A
    • Don't Give A Crap.
    • Sit In Jail Because A Never Picked You
  3. Final Question... You Are In A Abandoned House...You...

    • Have A Panic Attack
    • Fight A And Try Escape
    • Scream For Help
    • Threaten A Even Though They Have Enough Power To Kill You
    • Find Clues About The Identity Of A
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