Which Avenger Are You?

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Take this quiz to see what kind of Super Hero you!

  1. What Will You Power Be?

    • Weapon's
    • Healing
    • Armour
    • Archery
    • Strength
    • Mjolnir
  2. You Are Being Defeated By Loki, You...

    • Shoot With Your Guns And Dodge All Obstical's
    • Try Shoot With Your Arrows
    • Protect Everyone Because You Know The Worst Is Coming
    • Try Fight Back
    • Try Destroy Chitauri
    • Get Angrier And Smash
  3. Loki's Scepter Is In Your Hands...You...

    • Destroy It
    • Also Try Destroy It
    • Freeze It
    • Smash It Up
    • Send It To Asgard
    • Make It Explode Into Tiny Pieces
  4. Loki's Scepter Is Protected, And You All Split up, You...

    • Go Back To Asgard
    • Are In A Relationship Because You Think It Is Over
    • Continue Your Work With Shield Aswell
    • Continue Your Work With Shield
    • Take Your Arc Reactor Out And Continue With A Normal Life
    • Continue With Archery
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