Which Avenger Are You?

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Are you a passionate Hulk , or an honorable Captain America?

  1. Nick Fury approaches you saying he wants to form a team. How do you respond?

    • I kind of suspected you'd ask me to join.
    • How did you find me?
    • As long as its for a good cause.
    • You can count me in. So long as you leave my friend's out of this.
    • You really want me in the team? That is so freaking awesome!!
    • It's not that I don't want to give you an answer, it's just I can't "see" a reason for me to be a part of the team. Get it? I said "SEE". Ah never mind.
    • I thought I was already signed up.
  2. If one of your team mates had a dangerous secret, and he told only you about it, what would you do?

    • Hey everyone, listen to this!
    • I promise I won't tell anyone!
    • I won't tell if you don't ask.
    • It wouldn't be wise to keep secrets.
    • Just add it to the pile.
    • Hold on, you did WHAT?!
    • I won't tell anyone, but the second it endangers the team...
  3. A civilian approaches you with the apparent whereabouts of Loki. How do you react?

    • It has to be a trap. Luckily I have prepared for all possible outcomes.
    • You interrogate them believing that they are giving you false information. They don't realize this of course.
    • You ask the team what they think about it.
    • You charge off in his direction. Even if it is trap, none shall stand in your way.
    • Team, it could be a trap. I say we approach with caution.
    • You observe their body language, something your senses are attuned to detecting. He gives away the truth and you never even had to talk with him.
    • You are generally suspicious of people, and so you threaten this person if they are lying to you.
  4. You find out that Loki is holding your loved ones hostage. What do you do?

    • Damn, I still owe them favors.
    • You go up against the odds, even sacrificing your life to save them if it calls for it.
    • You think to yourself: "It's a good thing I keep everyone at a distance."
    • You ask the team for help. The more heads the better.
    • You already expected them to be abducted at some point, and so you fitted them with tracking devices.
    • For some reason you say: "He must have been adopted!"
    • You find them using a device you developed to track their genetic coding.
  5. You are in battle, and a team member gives you an order. What do you do?

    • You pop a few caps in asses. No questions asked, though you do end up vanishing with out letting the team know, as you have another mission to complete as well.
    • You are shocked at being ordered to do anything
    • You argue that there is a more efficient way to do things.
    • You are happy to follow, so long as the team is at your side.
    • You just go with the flow.
    • You the one who gave it so you just do everything else.
    • The entire plan goes over your head, but you let loose your powers anyway on anything that looks like an enemy.
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