Which Justice League member are you?

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Are you the Dark Knight or the Man of Steel? Or maybe your the fastest man alive?

  1. Pick your dream job.

    • Own a multi-billionaire company
    • I don't have a job.
    • A king
    • Forensic scientist
    • I only fight crime.
    • A reporter
  2. Pick a super power.

    • Super Strength
    • I use tech, but my tech is pretty darn awesome!
    • I use magic.
    • Shape-shifting
    • A variety of powers.
    • Super speed
    • I use guns. And I prefer rockets.
    • Flight
  3. Who's your favorite Avenger?

    • Hulk
    • Black Widow
    • Hawkeye
    • Thor
    • Captain America
    • Iron Man
    • Nick Fury
  4. You and your team are facing a villain. Which villain is it?

    • Gorilla Grodd
    • Lex Luthor
    • Darkseid
    • The Cheetah
    • Brainiac
  5. How did you get your abilities?

    • Since I'm an alien, I was born with them.
    • Are you kidding? I don't have a superpower; I use my own tech.
    • Lightning hit me.
    • No powers. Just guns.
    • I'm a god. I must have powers.
    • I have a weapon with many different powers.
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