Which Superhero Team Leader Are You?

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Are you more Tony Stark? How about Superman? Star-Lord? Take this quiz to find out which team leader you should be!

  1. What's your taste in music?

    • I'm not really into music.
    • Heavy Metal
    • Anything
    • Soul
    • Classical
  2. An old man falls out of one building, and a young girl out of another. Who do you save?

    • The old man has given much to society. The girl has her whole life ahead of her.
    • I save them both. I have the skills to do it.
    • I go with my heart! Try to save both, but, in the end, I have to follow what I feel is best.
    • I send a teammate to rescue one, while I heroically save the other.
    • Really? You asked this question? So early in the quiz too...fine, I'd save both of them. Because...I'm..well...you know.
  3. What are you most afraid of?

    • Not being human enough
    • Falling
    • Nothing. I'll give you my address right now.
    • Missing a dance step
    • Being out of touch
  4. What sort of job would you want?

    • Singer
    • Inventor
    • Writer
    • Teacher
    • Explorer
  5. Would you be willing to fight your closest ally?

    • I would fight as a last resort, and not before peaceful methods had been tried.
    • I would fight them in the event of an emergency.
    • Yes. If ever they turned to evil, I would defeat them.
    • If they stand in the way of truth, then yes, I would fight.
    • No! I would never need to fight my friends, and vice versa.
  6. Are you a daredevil? (Not Matt Murdock)

    • Ummm....yeah! You got something stupid for me to do?
    • As long as it doesn't endanger anyone, I'm up for a stunt or two.
    • I'm invincible, man! Yeah I'm up for something crazy. Crazy awesome!
    • I don't take unnecessary risks, but, what I do is dangerous, and I'm not afraid to do something crazy.
    • No. I have nothing to prove, and I don't want to risk my life or others'.
  7. What are your thoughts on chimichangas?

    • They're okay, but I prefer more American cuisine.
    • Sounds good to me. I like foods with weird names.
    • Sounds like a taco to me, and I like tacos.
    • Sounds like a dance. A tasty dance.
    • They are fatty, delicious, but not something I'd eat much.
  8. Pick a car.

    • Ford Mustang
    • Ferrari Enzo
    • Ford F150
    • DeLorean
    • Chevy Corvette
  9. One more: What are your thoughts on quizzes?

    • They can be pretty fun, if they're well done.
    • I know who I am, so, no need to have some quiz tell me what I already know.
    • I get bored a lot, so they pass the time.
    • I can't get enough of them!
    • They are a waste of time.
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