Can This Quiz Guess Your Zodiac Sign?

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Can this quiz guess whether you are an earth, air, fire or water sign? Let the fates decide and get clicking below to see the result!

  1. What would you consider your biggest strength?

    • I'm flexible and a good communicator
    • I'm a productive, thoughtful and practical person
    • I'm always open to new things and the crackle of inspiration
    • I'm very in tune with my emotions and the emotions of those around me
  2. Name something about yourself that probably annoys other people

    • I'm too sensitive and drown people in my problems
    • I can seem distant, lofty and detached
    • I'm prone to bursts of anger and can be insensitive to others
    • I like to plan things thoroughly and I'm not a huge fan of doing things on a whim
  3. Would you ever go skydiving?

    • Maybe
    • YESSSS!
    • It's perfectly safe, so I can see why not
  4. You're working on a group project, which position are you most comfortable in?

    • I'm a natural leader, I can turn my hands to all tasks if I feel like I am in control
    • I just want to make myself as useful as possible
    • I'm quite creative, so maybe that side of things?
    • I like to think things thorough
  5. What were you like as a child?

    • I lived in an imaginative dream world a lot of the time
    • I loved the great outdoors and building things with my hands
    • Adventurous and boundlessly energetic
    • Curious and social with those around me
  6. How do you feel about planning for the future?

    • I try to avoid thinking of the future...mainly because of my lack of plans!
    • I imagine my future a lot, but I am not sure how realistic my ideas are
    • I have a rough plan, I'm open to change though
    • I'm always thinking of the next step in my life
  7. What sort of person annoys you the most?

    • Boring people with no flair
    • People who overshare and don't think about their actions
    • People who can't see things from the perspective of others
    • People who expect to get what they want without working for it
  8. How do you feel about spending time alone?

    • I get too caught up in other people, it's essential to my wellbeing
    • I like spending time with others and alone equally as much
    • I'm fine as long as there is something stimulating to do
    • I enjoy it, but only for short periods
  9. What quality do you value most in a romantic partner?

    • Dependability
    • Someone who can encourage me to step out of my comfort zone
    • Positivity
    • Romance
  10. Do you want to go clubbing?

    • I'll pass on that, thanks
    • Let's go!
    • Whose DJing?
    • Who else is going?
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