Which MK Ninja are you?

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Are you a Mortal Kombat fan? Well, then, which Ninja do you relate yourself to?

  1. Which element do you respond to?

    • Ground
    • Air
    • Water
    • Dark Energy
    • Ice
    • Fire
    • Poison
  2. What would you do if someone irritates you endlessly? (Psst.. No one will know about what you do)

    • Roast him with a flamethrower
    • Keep on punching him till he's dead
    • Drown him
    • Drop him off a cliff
    • Bite him off
  3. Do you like to be in groups? Are you a good leader?

    • No
    • Yes
  4. How often do you get angry?

    • I'm always angry.
    • Not really. I'm cool headed.
    • You just need to tell me something that I hate.
    • I'll kill you if you disturb me during work. Otherwise, no.
  5. Are you a family guy? Do you spend quality time with 'em?

    • Nope. Got no time... very busy, ya know?
    • Umm... yeah, twice a week! Preferably on weekends!
    • Yeah, I try to take out time everyday.
  6. How popular are you? Do you have to count the number of friends you have?

    • I.. I'm not very popular. But I don't need anyone. I'm awesome.
    • I'm very popular. Everybody digs me.
    • Yeah! Kinda... well I don't get invited everywhere but I still don't have to count my friends!
  7. What weapon would you use to kill your enemy?

    • Sword
    • He'll die seeing me. ;)
    • Gun
    • Poison gas
    • I'll mindfuck him.
    • A cryo - weapon
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