Which DC Anti-Hero Are You?

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DC fan? Cool. Tired of being a hero? Damn cool. Want to be a villain for once? Well then, take this quiz!

  1. What kind of a person are you?

    • Jealous
    • Crazy
    • Egoistic
    • Evil Genius
    • Manipulative
    • Obsessive
  2. Which super power would you love to have?

    • High Tech Gizmos
    • Mind Control
    • Super Speed
    • Immortality
    • Healing Factor
    • Super Strength
  3. How popular are you?

    • I don't give a fuck about anyone. I don't care if I'm popular or not.
    • Extremely popular. Everyone loves me.
    • I'm not so popular, but hey, it's not like nobody cares about me.
  4. How often are you angry?

    • Nah, I'm cool headed.
    • I'm always angry.
    • I'll bite your head off if you irritate me when I'm not in the mood. Otherwise, it's cool.
  5. What would you do if someone confronts you with a knife in a lonely street?

    • Laugh at him, take out your trusty pistol and shoot his head off.
    • 360 NoScope that person.
    • Give him what he wants, act scared and just as he turns backwards, toast him with a flamethrower.
    • Punch the shit outta him till he dies.
    • Tactfully start speaking and make him stab himself.
  6. You see a building on fire, and a woman trapped inside it. What do you do?

    • Not my problem.
    • Save her, and run away without anyone noticing you.
    • Wear a badass cape and a mask, save her and land where the reporters are standing, take off your mask and enjoy the publicity you're getting.
  7. What would you do with your biggest rival, arch enemy, the only person you hate?

    • Torture him and slowly kill him draining him of all his feelings.
    • Kill him, duh
    • What would I do without him? No, I won't kill him. We complete each other.
    • Induce trauma and make him so mad that he becomes crazy.
  8. Finally, which weapon would you use?

    • Cool gadgets, robots, and gizmos.
    • A cryo weapon or a flamethrower
    • Use my bare hands to break their body
    • Lightsaber
    • Guns, guns, more guns
    • Swords and Kunais
    • Telekinesis
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