Which Marvel Bad Guy You Are?

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Fight the good guys by your own or send your army to defeat them?

  1. What will you do if Magneto ask you to join the Brotherhood?

    • I will destroy him and then kill every member of the Brotherhood
    • I will not even listen to him i will destroy him in no time
    • I will join so i can steal their powers
    • I will accept and join the Brotherhood
  2. Galactus decide to destroy earth what will you do?

    • I will creat a weapon to destroy him
    • I will give him the chance to try but if he fail his end will come
    • I will warn him to leave and remember that this world belongs to me
    • I will ask him to team up with me so we can destroy everyone
  3. The avengers attack you what will you do?

    • They don't deserve my power
    • I will call my army to keep them busy so i can creat a weapon to kill them
    • Lets see how they will pass my army waiting for them hahahaha!!
    • I will destroy them by my own
  4. The strongest hero in the galaxy defeated you what will be your last words?

    • I will never lose to you
    • Im not going to hell alone im taking you with me
    • I will never die i will kill you someday
    • Did you really believe that i can lose that easy
  5. You are starting a fight what will you say before attacking him or her?

    • I've had experiments like you.I call them failures!
    • I shall strike you down demon hunter
    • Earth's Mightiest Heroes?Bah!
    • This dimension is not big enough for the both of us
    • I'll make you wish you were facing Magneto
    • You dare challenge me with magic?
  6. Your enemy is defeated what will you say in the end of the battle?

    • Not all those with power are fit to rule
    • Maybe you need some more weapons
    • I will forge a new future for mutant kind
    • This planet is mine and now you will die
    • The dream is dead!
    • Mutant scum
  7. The day to destroy the earth has come how will you destroy the planet?

    • Do it with my own hands
    • Make a weapon that can destroy the planet with 1 hit
    • I will ask Glalactus to help me
    • Team up with other bad guys then after we finish i will destroy them
  8. Team up or work alone?

    • Who need a team when you can creat an army?
    • I work alone i don't need this weak fools
    • Team up is only for the weak weaklings
    • I work with team is better when someone supporting you
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