How well do you know Silent Hill (2006) movie?

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Do you know the 2006 Silent Hill movie? Let's see how much you really are of a SH fan. Have fun.

  1. What does this mean?

    • The warning symbol of the darkness.
    • The symbol of there faith.
  2. What does everybody call Rose and Cybil when they enter the church for safety?

    • Demons.
    • Witches.
  3. What promise did Rose make to Dark Alessa so she can rescue Her daughter?

    • Revenge.
    • Sacrifice.
  4. What is her name?

    • Anna
    • Sharon
  5. Why does everybody in the town hate Alessa?

    • Because they think she is evil.
    • Because there jealous.
  6. What is the song playing in the backround when Rose wakes up after passing out in the dark alley while following Alessa?

    • Tears of.... Akira Yamaoka
    • Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
  7. What is the name of the cop helping Christopher find his wife and daughter?

    • Thomas
    • Leonard
  8. Why did the town burn Alessa?

    • Do takeaway the evil.
    • For fun.
    • A sacrifice for there god.
  9. After Rose got stabbed what happened next?

    • Rose died and so did Sharon.
    • Hell broke loose.
  10. Why didn't Christopher see Sharon and Rose when they got home?

    • Because Rose and Sharon are dead and there ghosts.
    • Because he's dead.
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