Which character from LOTR would you be?

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Many of us have been wondering which character from the fellowship we would have been. It's time to find it out by taking this short, but confusing, quiz! Ten questions and nine answers as the number of the fellowship's members. ;)

  1. It seems that your fellowship has to split into three teams. Which one will you choose?

    • I will go with my friend! Even if that means we are on our own.
    • I will go with the team my very friend is, to make sure he is safe.
    • I will try to help every team in every way i can!
    • I will go on my own to finish this once and for all!
    • I will go with my friend as long as it's gonna be fun!
    • I will go with the one in which i'll fight more!
    • I could do better on my own!
    • I will go with the team in which i can prove myself useful.
    • I will go with the team which is going to help in battles.
  2. You get trapped in the mines of Moria. What do you do?

    • I panic and cry in the corner.
    • I stay with the others.
    • I find a smart way to get everyone out safely.
    • I try to break the way out!
    • I try to stay calm and think logically.
    • I start screaming! Maybe someone will hear us!
    • I look for the impossible. This might be the only way out.
    • I go to explore the area and maybe find a way to get out.
    • I give orders to the others to make sure one of us finds something.
  3. One of the fellowship's members is in danger. What do you do?

    • I stand in front of him and don't let anyone pass!
    • I call the others hoping they'll do something.
    • I use my blade to stop anyone from attacking him!
    • I help him of course!
    • I fight in every way i can!
    • I help from distance.
    • I run to help without knowing what else to do!
    • I run to help him by throwing anything i find on the enemies!
    • I call the others for help and rush into battle!
  4. A great battle is taking place in your fort! The enemies find a way and break in it. What do you do?

    • I follow my fellowship and try to help.
    • I help my friends and stay with them.
    • I fight with the others in a certain area.
    • I fight with courage and defend the fort!
    • I go defend the womans' hiding place.
    • I help by using the fort's weapons (canons etc.)
    • I fight in front of the gate and count how many i killed!
    • I rush into battle and try to distract more enemies from getting in.
    • I try to hide and stay safe!
  5. A Nazgul riding a dragon prepares to attack you. What do you do?

    • I use the ring to vanish!
    • I run while screaming!!!
    • I'm not afraid of anything! Time to kill that dragon!
    • I go hide somewhere!
    • I know i can kill him so i stay there and prepare to fight!
    • I beg him to let me leave...
    • I shoot the Nazgul with my bow and then run away.
    • I try to distract him!
    • I take out my sword and get ready to stab the dragon in the throat!
  6. It's time for your journey to end. You just have to throw this ring into the fire! What will your last thought be?

    • But maybe i don't have to do this. I can't throw it! (you keep it)
    • I don't think of anything. (you throw it)
    • I shouldn't be here... (you keep it)
    • It can give me more strength! (you keep it)
    • It was fun, but it's time to end.. (you throw it)
    • Time to end this suffering! (you throw it)
    • Burn! (you throw it)
    • At last it's over! (you throw it)
    • It could be off great help for me... (you keep it)
  7. This adventure is over. What will you do?

    • I'll go back to my kingdom full of good memories.
    • I'll remember every happy moment i had and keep on with my life.
    • I'll go back to my place waiting for the next adventure to come.
    • I'll prepare another one of course!
    • It was a great experience and i'll never forget anything.
    • I'll try to forget about this and keep going with my life.
    • I will try to find someone else who needs any kind of help because i love doing this.
    • I'll make a story book to tell to my children.
    • I'll keep practicing in battle to make sure i'm ready for another adventure, if there will be one.
  8. Who is your favorite character?

    • Gandalf
    • Gimli
    • Aragorn
    • Frodo
    • Merry
    • Boromir
    • Sam
    • Legolas
    • Pippin
  9. If a stranger asked you to take part in an adventure you would:

    • Say yes! It will be fun!
    • Say yes! It may be dangerous but i've always wanted to test my skills in battle.
    • Say yes! But only if it means being a part of a fellowship.
    • Say yes! But only if my best friend comes with me!
    • Say no, but go for this adventure alone.
    • Say yes! I was born for this!
    • Say no! I'm already up for another one.
    • Say no! I really want to go but i don't think it's safe.
    • Say yes! Danger is my thing!
  10. If you wanted to persuade someone to join you in an adventure what would you do?

    • I would introduce him to my other fellows and then let him decide.
    • I would tell him it's a great chance to improve his skills in battle.
    • I would tell him he should join for his honor!
    • I would take him with me whether he wants it or not!
    • I would tell him that the whole world would be in danger if we didn't do anything.
    • I wouldn't tell him anything.
    • I would promise him he'll be safe as long as he stays with me.
    • I would tell him that after this journey he will have many stories to tell to his children.
    • I would tell him "What is life without a little fun?"
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