How long would you last in a Zombie Apocalypse?

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How long will you last, when everything goes The Walking Dead on us

  1. You hear on the radio of a new, dangerous virus sprouting around your area. What do you do?

    • Lock yourself in your house, until there is no signs of the virus anymore.
    • Change the station, because commercials suck
    • Prepare a emergency, breakout kit, just in case of some bad happening, while also staying away from big, populated areas
    • Take note of it, but don't think it's going to cause much trouble.
    • Ask around about it, see if any of your friends/family know anything else about it
  2. You hear on the radio, that the virus is out of control, and has become a state wide epidemic. The state government has called for a quarantine at the biggest city. What do you do?

    • Ignore the message, and go to a rural, mountainous area nearby.
    • Ignore the message, and go to a friends house for possible safety
    • Without hesitation, round up any family/friends and go to the quarantine zone.
    • Ignore the message, and stay at your house
    • Try to escape the state by yourself, with guns, and little food
    • Ignore the message, and round up the most food you can find, and a knife, and go to a rural, area outside of the quarantined city.
    • Go the quarantine alone, but with a pistol for protection.
    • Ignore the message, and round up any supplies that are in sight and quickly try to find any family
  3. You're driving along the street and see a man, waving his arms and screaming for help. What do you do?

    • You drive past him, but throw a can of food out your window, landing next to him.
    • Pull over, see what he needs and offer help.
    • Pull up to him, yell at him to get on his knees, with his hands above is head. You exit your vehicle and search him. Then offer help
    • Hit him with your car, finish him with your firearm, and take his supplies
    • Ignore him and keep driving
  4. You're hold up in an abandoned small store, boarded up with plywood. You hear screaming outside, and look through a peephole and see a woman being overwhelmed by three walkers, and see more approaching. What do you do?

    • You think the place is no longer safe, and take the chance to sneak away.
    • You throw something to distract the walkers away from her, and then bring her safely into your shelter.
    • You kill the walkers, and her, and search them all.
    • You distract the walkers away from her.
    • You kill her with your firearm
    • You take out the walkers, and take her inside
  5. You find your sister in an abandoned warehouse, next to a fire. But she's been bit. What do you do?

    • Wait until she passes away, then kill her silently
    • Shoot her with no hesitation
    • Leave right away
    • Hold her, and cry with her until she passes away, then leave her there
  6. You realize you are running critically low on food. How do you go about getting more?

    • Kill anyone and anything to obtain food
    • Eat human beings
    • Hunt wild animals
    • Start to grow and harvest crops
    • Steal from camps
    • Loot any building you see
  7. You have a deep laceration on your forearm, and you are at risk of infection while also losing blood. How do you go about stopping the blood loss?

    • Stitch the wound, then bandage it with your T-Shirt
    • Use Anti-Bacterial Hydrogen Peroxide on it, then bandage it
    • Cauterize the wound
    • Just use a rag or bandage and wrap it up
  8. You see one walker in the woods. How do you kill it?

    • Shoot it
    • Sneak up on it, then stab it in the back of the head
    • You stab it
    • Leave it be and don't kill it
    • First you trip it, then you stab it while it's down
  9. You see a pack of Eight walkers on your trail. What do you do?

    • Take them out hand-to-hand
    • Run
    • Ignore them and keep walking
    • Run into the trees, and hide until they pass
    • Take them out with a firearm from long range
  10. What is your physical fitness level?

    • I'm small and very skinny
    • I'm very muscular
    • I'm pretty big
    • I'm pretty fit
    • I'm a little overweight
  11. What is your age?

    • 41-50
    • 33-40
    • Less than 18
    • 18-25
    • 26-32
    • 50+
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