What cliché high school personality are you?

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Have you mastered all sports or do you fall behind and study on the sidelines?...

  1. What's your favorite class at your school?

    • Athletics is the only one I like.
    • None, I hate them all.
    • Any class where I am the teacher's fav!
    • Algebra, Geometry, and any kind of math.
    • Study hall, where I can wander off and be by myself.
  2. Which of these would be your go to outfit?

    • Whatever's on my floor and is comfortable.
    • Dark colors from head to toe.
    • A pastel polo with a white skirt/khaki shorts.
    • White button up, suspenders, and my new pocket protector!!!!
    • I don't care as long as I have my letterman and sneakers.
  3. Outside of school what do you like to do?

    • Nothing, I hate my life.
    • Stay in my room. Lock the door. Think.
    • PRACTICE. PRACTICE. And... Oh, yeah! More practice!
    • Studying and rewatching every episode of Star Trek takes up quite a bit of time...
    • I still am perfecting my plan for this friday's party.
  4. What do you think of the people outside of your circle?

    • How are they so happy?
    • Everyone is in my circle! :D
    • I am allergic to people.
    • They are all bullies and horrible people.
    • They are a bunch of lazy weirdos.
  5. How do you get to school?

    • My beautiful muscle car. Her name is babe.
    • I luckily have my parents to take me everyday in their station wagon.
    • My friends and I take turns carpooling in our shiny sports cars.
    • The trash-mobile.
    • Whatever.
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